Sergegna is all about the bride and groom So if you are Looking for a wedding DJ, a wedding venue for your big day, a cozy hotel for your
honey moon or a mall to do some shopping? All you have to do is Search and filter read reviews, explore photos and find the
perfect DJ, venue and so much more… It’s that simple!! ..We want you to plan your wedding with out any stress.

Sergegna provides a great opportunity if you are in Wedding Industry with a smart set of tools to showcase your business and connect with your community. Beautiful, simple and easy to use, Sergegna is a fun and friendly place to hook you up with your customers.

how-it-works-11. add your Services

Upload photos, add helpful links to your website and social media, set an address and hours of operation and other information that you may find relevant.


2. Get Discovered by Visitors

Upon confirmation, your service or product will appear throughout the website and will be searchable by visitors interested in similar places.



3. Increase your earnings

Once discovered, customers will start coming to you! It’s your job from here to make them happy to leave positive reviews. That’s how Sergegna helps them make better spending decisions.

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