Wake & Bake Cake

ዌክ ኤንድ ቤክ ጣዕምና ውበት የተዋደዱበት!

🤵‍♂️👰‍♀️Wake and bake pastry

Are you by any chance looking for a wedding cake to tie your day together?🧐 Or you want to give a bit different kick to your ceremony, like with a sweet cocktail?😃
Well we are just the people to help you with that.😎
Fancy, elegant, simple, sophisticated 😌………. anything u like we provide.👍
We make mouth watering cakes that  you will love, designed to suit ur taste just right.😉

Plus, we bake it and we serve it!✊

You can’t say no to all these, now can you?😉

ለአይን ውብ …ጣፋጭ ኬኮች ኩኪሶች እና ሌሎችም ጣፋጮች ካሹ ወደ ዌክ ኤንድ ቤክ ይምጡ!
ለተለያዩ ዝግጅቱች የሚሆኑ እንደትዛዙ የሚዘጋጁ ጣፋጭ ኬኮች አዘጋጅተን አስደስተን እንሸኞታለን ፡፡

ቁጥር 1 ሰላም ሲቲ ሞል 2ኛ ፎቅ
ቁጥር 2 ጦር ኃይሎች ከሆላንድ ኤምባሲ ከፍ ብሉ
ቁጥር 3 ካሳንቺስ -ኢንተርኮንቲኔንታል ሆቴል አጠገብ
በስልክም ይዘዙን +251911633662 & +251911191742

ዌክ ኤንድ ቤክ ጣዕምና ውበት የተዋደዱበት!

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